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Terry Crosby has been active in the entertainment, engineering and computer business for over 35 years. He founded five successful companies and raised $75 million for their capital expenditure over the past years through private placement and other methods. Mr. Crosby's present Company, Univaya, LLC specializes in technical animation to illustrate difficult concepts for engineering, medical and computer companies. The final HiDef animation and video deliverables are used for marketing, using interactive training DVDs & web sites for television and trade shows.
The site illustrates his media companies that he founded in Television, Animation, Music and Engineering . Their are 4 theaters of interest with 13 boxes. Each box in contains video. To view the video in, simply click on each box. Included in the site is a 3 page biography. Interested parties wishing to contact can do so on the contact page. history spans many years in the industry. Viewers can interactively view the flash page of by moving their mouse from side to side. Also, when viewing in flash mode, viewers can use the scroll on the mouse to zoom in and out. The viewing experience ensures viewers of a comprehensive overview of past and present activities of the site. Presently, the video files are being added to the boxes over the next month. Any questions or improvements to the site can be sent through the contact page of